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Wanted Hidden Wedge Sneaker

Looking for a perfect hidden heel platform sneaker? look no further than our wanted hidden wedge sneaker! This sneaker is currently one of our most popular pieces and is sure to become another classic. With a sleek black design, this sneaker is sure to turn a profit.

Wanted Hidden Wedge Sneaker Amazon

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Wanted Hidden Wedge Sneaker Ebay

The aravalli hidden wedge sneaker is a must-have for any fashion-savvy lady. Made from aslaughtile rubber, this sneaker is easy to wear with its sleek pink color. It has a lightweight material that makes it comfortable to wear, and it comes with a platform heel. these shoes are a must have for any fashion-savvy individual! They're perfect for any day when you want to look your best. And they're not just for business purposes anymore – them too for bedroom use. These shoes are a need-to-have for any "must have" in your fashion collection. They're stylish and stylish for a reason – they'll make you stand out from the rest. this is a brand new, unused, and unopened product. This is a slip-on wedge sneaker. It has a silver platform design and is made with american-made materials. It is want kind and has no reviews yet. You may want to: 1) check the size if you are purchasing this product for the first time. This should be a small bit larger than you are currently wearing. 2) check the color if you are purchasing this product. This should be a lighter gray or silver color. 3) check the size if you are purchasing this product for the first time. 4) once you have worn this product, please send a message on social media with a description and/or pictures of different styles to help identify it. Thank you! the wanted shoes are a new and exciting shoes line from cascade that features new and hidden shade systems. They are a great shoe for any outfit and perfect for any hidden form-fitting design. They come in a variety of colors and styles, so you're sure to find the perfect pair for you.